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Tiana Chanel Brown Gandelman, an esteemed creative professional and visionary entrepreneur, established TCBG Creative. This diverse group of women at TCBG Creative collaborates to produce innovative and impactful performances. Our team meticulously oversees the process with elegance, flair, and humor, always aiming to captivate the audience and leave them yearning for more. It's all about TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, GIRL!


At TCBG Creative, we handle every aspect of the creative journey, including performances, concerts, TV specials, Live events, fashion shows, artist development, as well as manage budgets, casting, staging, choreography, lighting, screen content design, special effects, and style guides.


TCBG Creative collaborates with numerous scenic and lighting vendors, costume designers, stylists, content creators, music directors, choreographers, dancers, and specialty performers. Our headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California.

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